Plenary talks

M. M. Fejer
Stanford Univ., USA
"Nonlinear Optics for Displays and Combustion Measurements (Tentative)(LDC/LIC1-1)"
P. Janssens
Barco Entertainment Division, Belgium
"The Status of High-Brightness Laser Projectors(LDC2-1)"
S. Nagahama
Nichia Corp., Japan
"Watt-Class AlInGaN Blue and Green Laser Diodes(LDC2-2)"

Invited talks

T. Sudmeyer
Univ. de Neuchâtel, Switzerland
"Ultrafast Thin Disk Lasers and Their Potential for High Power RGB Frequency Generation(LDC/LIC1-2)"
R. Bhandari
Institute for Molecular Science, Japan
"High Repetition Rate MW Peak Power Green Microchip Laser(LDC/LIC1-3)"
H. Toshiyoshi
Univ. Tokyo, Japan
"Optical MEMS Scanners and Color Filters for Image Display Applications(LDC/LIC1-4)"
O. Utsuboya
Pioneer Corp., Japan
"The World's First-Vehicle Head-up Laser Display(LDC3-1)"
U. Hofmann
Fraunhofer Institute for Silicon Technology ISIT, Germany
"Scanning Laser Display Based on Biaxial Polysilicon MEMS Mirrors(LDC3-2)"
A. J. Lee
Macquarie Univ., Australia
"Development of Multi-Watt CW Lasers with Switchable Output Across Green, Yellow and Red Wavelengths(LDC5-1)"
C.-Q. Xu
McMaster Univ., Canada
"Compact Low-Cost Green Lasers for Laser Display Applications(LDC5-2)"
K. Masaoka
NHK Science & Technology Research Lab., Japan
"Wide-Gamut UHDTV System Colorimetry(LDC6-1)"
Y. Hisatake
Japan Electronics & Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA), Japan
"Laser Display and Standardization in IEC(LDC6-2)"
E. Buckley
Pixtronix Inc., USA
"Safety Aspects of Modern Laser-based Displays(LDC6-3)"
S. Roelandt
Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium
"Standardized Speckle Measurement Method Matched to Human Speckle Perception in Laser Projection Systems(LDC7-1)"
M. Kurashige
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd., Japan
"Evaluation of Speckle Contrast with Holographic Illumination System(LDC8-1)"
M. Ueno
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd., Japan
"High Power InGaN Based Green Laser Diodes on Semipolar GaN Substrates(LDC9-1)"
K. Paschke
Ferdinand-Braun-Institut, Germany
"Miniaturized Highly Brilliant Diode Laser Modules for Future Display Applications(LDC9-2)"
G. Zheng
Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
"45,000 Lumens Super High Brightness Laser Projection System(LDC10-1)"

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