Plenary talks

H. Sugiura
Mitsubishi Electric Corp.
"Laser TV -the world's first laser-powered television-"
A. Avramescu
Osram Opto Semiconductors
"Green laser diode (tentative)"

Invited talks

J. Akedo
AIST, Japan
"Wide scan angle MEMS devices (tentative)"
S. Essaian
Spectralus Corp., USA
"State of the art of compact green lasers for mobile projectors"
S. Kubota
University of Tokyo, Japan
"Measurement and reduction of laser speckle (tentative)"
J. Miller
Microvision Inc., USA
"Laser-based Scanned Beam Display System"
L.-H. Peng
National Taiwan Univ., Taiwan
"Development of low-spectral coherent RGB lasers for laser color display system"
F. Shevlin
Dyoptyka, Ireland
"Speckle mitigation in laser-based projectors"

*Some other speakers are under negotiation.

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